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There is always some debate on where to buy padded panties.  Since they have become so popular there seems to be more and more different types of padded underwear coming out.  With our experience with the different types of padded panties we will give you are best place to buy them and why.

Padded panties are one of the best items of underwear that have been thought up.  Whether one is looking to accentuate their curves, create curves they never had, or just want to fill out their clothes better, getting a pair of these undergarments is the way to go. However, as mentioned above due their growing popularity they are everywhere and it has become difficult to choose where to buy padded panties from.

Since they are now available at stores at malls and other places they are easier to find for those who want instant gratification.  However, we warn against discount store when it comes to buying padded underwear.  If you get a pair of padded panties the goal is for them to look natural.  From the pairs we have tried from discount stores they leave you looking lumpy and bumpy.

Padded panties are supposed to gently create a figure you are looking for, not make you look like you have pockets of fat growing in odd places.  While we have not tried all padded underwear from discount stores, the majority that we have tried do leave you looking frumpy.

If you really need a storefront to go to, like if you are having a padded panties emergency….:), then go to the specialty stores that specialize in undergarments.  They sell higher quality padded underwear and create a smooth flow instead of a bumpy look.  You will be paying more but in the long run it is well worth it.

If paying more is not your cup of tea, or you live far from a specialty store, the best place to buy padded panties is online.  There is one store we have had the best luck with, however there are others out there.   There are also benefits to buying online verses a storefront.

Many times if you buy padded panties online you may get a special deal, online stores often run deals to help promote their product.  Just like storefront stores you also have an iron clad refund policy should you be dissatisfied with your purchase.

One final reason to buy padded panties online is the selection.  The padded underwear stores online specialize mostly in padded panties therefore they know what they are doing.  By buying from a store that specializes in something you are almost always guaranteed to get a quality product that suits your needs.

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