Silicone Padded Panties

Silicone padded panties are everywhere you look today.  The butt enhancing bottoms have been featured in Men’s Fitness, US magazine, Star Magazine, as well as the Tyra show!  With all this hype about padded panties one must wonder which one to choose.

A good choice is Silicone padded panties.  Silicone underwear provides strong to moderate extension of the backside. They also provide a more natural look then other padded panties on the market.  Many include pockets so that you can remove the implants and wash the underwear.

Silicone padded panties are smooth to the touch and seem to be one of the bestsellers when it comes to padded underwear.  The nice thing about finding a pair with pockets is that if you want the silicone you can but if you are wanting a day that is more breathable you can switch to foam pads.

Another benefit of silicone padded underwear is the different styles they come in.  While some are low waisted, many come above the waist serving as a tummy flattener as well.  One thing to note is that many silicone padded panties seem to run small so it is best to buy a size larger then what you normally wear.

The silicone padded panties are not like the foam ones. Although foam can be more breathable they have a tendency to look and feel not like a real butt.  Many silicone padded underwear is put through a process of putting air bubbles into the silicone so although they are not as breathable as foam they still provide good comfort.

When faced with the choice of going with silicone or foam the recommendation is silicone all the way.  Silicone gives you that real look; some other types give you more of an unrealistic look and that is definitely now what you are going for.

Another neat thing about silicone padded panties is that you can buy the inserts separately or with the panty.  The benefit of this is that if you have a pair of padded panties already you can change inserts with whatever mood you have.  Also, if you have different colors of underwear with pockets you can also choose what fits your outfit for the day!

While silicone padded panties are just one of the choices you have when purchasing padded underwear, they are not the only.  That is why Padded Panties Guide was created so that you can find the right type for you.  Also, to get you the best quality at the most reasonable prices.

In conclusion, there are many choices out there but if you are looking for the most natural look then your top choice should be silicone padded panties verses the other ones.  One last thing to note, although silicone is a great choice, don’t limit yourself.  Your mood changes every day and so should your panties.  One day may be a silicone day and the next a foam!

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