Padded Underwear For Men


Many think that padded panties are just for women.  While the panties do fit women best there are wonderful stores that carry great padded underwear for men.  There are many reasons a man may want padded underwear.  Some of them being the same as women, such as filling out pants, or having a more desirable feature.  Other reasons may include sporting reasons as well as others, despite the reason, padded underwear for men are no longer taboos and they are available.

When choosing padded underwear for men there are different styles and comfort levels just as there are for women.  There is the brief that comes in normal or low-rise, a pair that can lift and push up what is already there, the padded jock, which is very popular, as well as many other types.

When choosing what type of padded underwear you want it is best to know why you want them.  This may seem simple but when you see the wide array of what is available for padded underwear for men you will understand why we say this.   For example, you must know if you are looking to enhance your figure with pads or if you want to go natural and just get extra lift for what you already have.

There is padded underwear for men that are just like that for women.  They contain pockets that one can insert pads into.  One can choose between silicone and foam pads much of the times depending on what is more comfortable to the individual.  But padded underwear for men goes even further than that.

There are pairs of padded underwear that do not have pads but actually provide a lift and separate feature.  This allows the man to work with what he already has instead of relying on pads.  What is even more exciting is the underwear that has front padding.  One might think this type of underwear are not popular but think again, having that front padding not only is attractive but builds self-confidence big time.

Just like padded panties for women, for men there is also waist slimming underwear.  There are many men out there that either work and work on their abs or do not even bother.  Whichever is the case a man still may need the extra feature of a tummy tuck, and luckily there is also padded underwear for men that provide that slimming effect.

Men’s padded underwear is a great way to not only have that hot look that others desire but a great way to build self-esteem and self-confidence.  They are also discreet, no one has to know you are wearing them and much of the time they come in discrete packages depending on where you buy them from.

So men no need to worry any longer, men’s padded underwear is readily available.  You can order online, be discrete if you choose, and have that extra lift, padding, and muscle enhanced feature you have also wanted!

One Response to “Padded Underwear For Men”

  1. William Wilson says:

    I wear frequently padded underwear, commonly called butt bra as they are curved and nothing similar to the foam pads.

    Many of my men friends use them for riding. We take several day horse trips thru the mountains, and it is not common to wear two, top one a little bigger than the first. Several years ago, they ask me what is my way, as never a sore bottom. When I showed them, I buy the types here in Brazil for women, as many men use them as women nowdays.

    No longer a woman´s “thing” at all.

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