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Many women and men have recently expressed interest in padded panties.  If you were not blessed with a great backside, like many, getting a pair of padded underwear is now the answer to your woes.  However, not all padded panties are the same, to get the right curves and comfort getting a quality pair of panties is imperative.

The media has made up painfully aware that to look sexy nowadays having curves in all the right areas is the way to be.  However, many were not lucky enough to be born with those features.  Lucky for us there are now padded panties that can make us look and feel like Kim Kardashian, J-LO, or any other in the magazines that are praised for their beautiful booty.

With padded panties there is also no longer a need for implants, most cannot afford them anyway.  You already know the wonders of padded bras, so there need not be any question of the wonders that padded underwear can give to your backside.  The key is finding the right pair of padded panties.

As we have found out the ones sold in stores at this point do not seem to give you the same boost, and perkiness that is desired from padded panties.  This aside finding your padded underwear online many of the times gives you better deals and sometimes specials!

These butt enhancing underwear come in different styles and will work with jeans, pants, skirts, or dresses. Some padded panties come with pockets where you can place inserts.  Some are made with silicone padding while others are not silicone.  Which one you choose is up to you but we prefer silicone. Silicone padded panties give you a more natural look and seem to be more comfortable.

Finding a pair of padded panties need not be difficult; however with the recent stores that have popped up that market this type of underwear, it could be overwhelming which one to choose.  Not to worry, once you know what you want to look and feel like that is half the battle.  From there just go to the highest quality padded panty store online and pick your poison.

Also, have fun with it; get a few different colors, a few different types of pads.  As you mood changes so will the way you want to feel about your new and hot behind.  There is a world of difference not only in the look of your behind when you use padded panties but also the way you feel.  Your self-esteem goes up and that is a reason in itself to invest in a pair.

So no more wishing and wanting to have more junk in you trunk, you can easily solve the issue but getting yourself a pair of padded panties today!

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