Padded Panties With Hips

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Padded Panties with Hips are becoming just as popular as the panties alone.  If you are not well endowed in your rumps or your hips you may want to take a look at these types of panties.  Padded panties with hips are a great way to take your straight figure and turned it into a curvaceous one.

There are a few types of these padded underwear that can give you the hips you are looking for.  There are panties that have pads in the rump and hips, underwear that has just hips alone, there are different types of padding, and then there are inserts.

The hip and butt padded underwear come in different styles like boy shorts, brief, etc.  This type of padded panties gives you very realistic type curves on both the hips and behind. Many are designed to have a very nice flow from hips to butt so it does not look like you are lumpy.  Many are also a one piece meaning hips and butt are together, some others have separate pads.

If you were not made with hips however have a nice rear end you may just want the padded panties with hips alone.  While they are not as popular, they are still made which makes it great for those who just need the hips and not the rump.

There are usually two types of padding associated with padded panties in general.  These two types of padding are silicone and foam.  Depending on what type of undies you choose they may come with one type of padding over the other, they may give you a choice, or some even come with both!

As mentioned above there are also inserts one can get, you pair these inserts with any type of panties you have with pockets for hips or butt.  They also come in silicone and foam material and depending on what you are comfortable with can be worn different ways.  For example, if you have wider hips but still want that extra curve you can wear pads horizontally.  If you have nothing at all in regards to the hip factor, then wear them whichever way looks best.

Padded panties with hips also come in different cuts which were briefly mentioned.  They do have boy shorts, briefs, even underwear with tummy control!  Many women suffer from the “all gut no butt” syndrome or in this case no hips.  If you are one of those women then not to worry, you can now control your gut and get the curves you always dreamed of.

So if you have be envious of all those women out there with the right curves (who knows if they are even real)  then you can now have the rump and hips you have always wanted.  Simply pick up your own pair of padded panties with hips and start filling out all those clothes and feel great!

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