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Love my Bubbles

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Love My Bubbles is one of the best places you can get padded panties or padded underwear.  Whether you are male or female you will be able to find the right style, type, color, and size when you shop at Love my Bubbles.

As padded panties become more popular there are new stores finding their way into the padded underwear market.  While that is fine when you go to buy padded panties you want to make sure you are buying from a reliable source and Love My Bubbles is just that.

When you purchase the wrong type of padded underwear you can get a figure that is lumpy, and makes you look worse than you did in the first place.   That is one main reason why you need reliability from a company that specialized in padded panties.

Karen Jones is the founder of Love My Bubbles and has quite a unique story about how Love my Bubbles came about, but we will let you go to the official site to read that.  Here are some interesting facts about Love My Bubbles which will show you it is a quality company to buy from.

Love my Bubbles was established in 2006, with two collections that were invented and manufactured by Love my Bubbles.  Since then, they have partnered with expert designers and companies in the field.  They not only market padded underwear and padded panties but have now expanded to lingerie, slimming shapewear, and much more.

Some of the brands that Love my Bubbles have include are Bubbles Bodywear, Sassybax, YummieTummie, and Rago Foundations, and that is just to name a few.  They really are a one stop shop for padded panties, padded underwear, and more.

What is amazing about Love my Bubbles is that in their mission they state that it is not just about looking good on the outside.  Love my Bubbles has a mission to help their customers feel better and increase their confidence by assisting those who may not have the right curves to fit in clothing they have always wanted to.

Love my Bubbles also has a wonderful return and exchange policy so that you can buy your padded panties with ease and no worries.  Love my Bubbles offer a full 90 days to return or exchange any padded underwear that did not work for you.  Also, there is no return authorization needed to return the items.

As you can see Love my Bubbles is a solid company, with quality products.  You can see this not only by the confident 90 day return policy, which shows they know their products are great, but also by the customer testimonials which you can find on the official site.

In conclusion, you can rest at ease when buying padded panties from Love my Bubbles you will get a great pair, feel more confident, and purchase without worry!

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