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Love My Bubbles Review

Love my Bubbles

Click here to go to the Official Love My Bubbles Site

Love My Bubbles is one of the best places you can get padded panties or padded underwear.  Whether you are male or female you will be able to find the right style, type, color, and size when you shop at Love my Bubbles.

As padded panties become more popular there are new stores finding their way into the padded underwear market.  While that is fine when you go to buy padded panties you want to make sure you are buying from a reliable source and Love My Bubbles is just that.

When you purchase the wrong type of padded underwear you can get a figure that is lumpy, and makes you look worse than you did in the first place.   That is one main reason why you need reliability from a company that specialized in padded panties.

Karen Jones is the founder of Love My Bubbles and has quite a unique story about how Love my Bubbles came about, but we will let you go to the official site to read that.  Here are some interesting facts about Love My Bubbles which will show you it is a quality company to buy from.

Love my Bubbles was established in 2006, with two collections that were invented and manufactured by Love my Bubbles.  Since then, they have partnered with expert designers and companies in the field.  They not only market padded underwear and padded panties but have now expanded to lingerie, slimming shapewear, and much more.

Some of the brands that Love my Bubbles have include are Bubbles Bodywear, Sassybax, YummieTummie, and Rago Foundations, and that is just to name a few.  They really are a one stop shop for padded panties, padded underwear, and more.

What is amazing about Love my Bubbles is that in their mission they state that it is not just about looking good on the outside.  Love my Bubbles has a mission to help their customers feel better and increase their confidence by assisting those who may not have the right curves to fit in clothing they have always wanted to.

Love my Bubbles also has a wonderful return and exchange policy so that you can buy your padded panties with ease and no worries.  Love my Bubbles offer a full 90 days to return or exchange any padded underwear that did not work for you.  Also, there is no return authorization needed to return the items.

As you can see Love my Bubbles is a solid company, with quality products.  You can see this not only by the confident 90 day return policy, which shows they know their products are great, but also by the customer testimonials which you can find on the official site.

In conclusion, you can rest at ease when buying padded panties from Love my Bubbles you will get a great pair, feel more confident, and purchase without worry!

Where To Buy Padded Panties

Parisian Pretty Padded Panty with Thick Pads

Click here for the best place to buy padded panties

There is always some debate on where to buy padded panties.  Since they have become so popular there seems to be more and more different types of padded underwear coming out.  With our experience with the different types of padded panties we will give you are best place to buy them and why.

Padded panties are one of the best items of underwear that have been thought up.  Whether one is looking to accentuate their curves, create curves they never had, or just want to fill out their clothes better, getting a pair of these undergarments is the way to go. However, as mentioned above due their growing popularity they are everywhere and it has become difficult to choose where to buy padded panties from.

Since they are now available at stores at malls and other places they are easier to find for those who want instant gratification.  However, we warn against discount store when it comes to buying padded underwear.  If you get a pair of padded panties the goal is for them to look natural.  From the pairs we have tried from discount stores they leave you looking lumpy and bumpy.

Padded panties are supposed to gently create a figure you are looking for, not make you look like you have pockets of fat growing in odd places.  While we have not tried all padded underwear from discount stores, the majority that we have tried do leave you looking frumpy.

If you really need a storefront to go to, like if you are having a padded panties emergency….:), then go to the specialty stores that specialize in undergarments.  They sell higher quality padded underwear and create a smooth flow instead of a bumpy look.  You will be paying more but in the long run it is well worth it.

If paying more is not your cup of tea, or you live far from a specialty store, the best place to buy padded panties is online.  There is one store we have had the best luck with, however there are others out there.   There are also benefits to buying online verses a storefront.

Many times if you buy padded panties online you may get a special deal, online stores often run deals to help promote their product.  Just like storefront stores you also have an iron clad refund policy should you be dissatisfied with your purchase.

One final reason to buy padded panties online is the selection.  The padded underwear stores online specialize mostly in padded panties therefore they know what they are doing.  By buying from a store that specializes in something you are almost always guaranteed to get a quality product that suits your needs.

Padded Underwear For Men


Many think that padded panties are just for women.  While the panties do fit women best there are wonderful stores that carry great padded underwear for men.  There are many reasons a man may want padded underwear.  Some of them being the same as women, such as filling out pants, or having a more desirable feature.  Other reasons may include sporting reasons as well as others, despite the reason, padded underwear for men are no longer taboos and they are available.

When choosing padded underwear for men there are different styles and comfort levels just as there are for women.  There is the brief that comes in normal or low-rise, a pair that can lift and push up what is already there, the padded jock, which is very popular, as well as many other types.

When choosing what type of padded underwear you want it is best to know why you want them.  This may seem simple but when you see the wide array of what is available for padded underwear for men you will understand why we say this.   For example, you must know if you are looking to enhance your figure with pads or if you want to go natural and just get extra lift for what you already have.

There is padded underwear for men that are just like that for women.  They contain pockets that one can insert pads into.  One can choose between silicone and foam pads much of the times depending on what is more comfortable to the individual.  But padded underwear for men goes even further than that.

There are pairs of padded underwear that do not have pads but actually provide a lift and separate feature.  This allows the man to work with what he already has instead of relying on pads.  What is even more exciting is the underwear that has front padding.  One might think this type of underwear are not popular but think again, having that front padding not only is attractive but builds self-confidence big time.

Just like padded panties for women, for men there is also waist slimming underwear.  There are many men out there that either work and work on their abs or do not even bother.  Whichever is the case a man still may need the extra feature of a tummy tuck, and luckily there is also padded underwear for men that provide that slimming effect.

Men’s padded underwear is a great way to not only have that hot look that others desire but a great way to build self-esteem and self-confidence.  They are also discreet, no one has to know you are wearing them and much of the time they come in discrete packages depending on where you buy them from.

So men no need to worry any longer, men’s padded underwear is readily available.  You can order online, be discrete if you choose, and have that extra lift, padding, and muscle enhanced feature you have also wanted!

Padded Panties With Hips

Click here for the best site for padded panties with hips

Padded Panties with Hips are becoming just as popular as the panties alone.  If you are not well endowed in your rumps or your hips you may want to take a look at these types of panties.  Padded panties with hips are a great way to take your straight figure and turned it into a curvaceous one.

There are a few types of these padded underwear that can give you the hips you are looking for.  There are panties that have pads in the rump and hips, underwear that has just hips alone, there are different types of padding, and then there are inserts.

The hip and butt padded underwear come in different styles like boy shorts, brief, etc.  This type of padded panties gives you very realistic type curves on both the hips and behind. Many are designed to have a very nice flow from hips to butt so it does not look like you are lumpy.  Many are also a one piece meaning hips and butt are together, some others have separate pads.

If you were not made with hips however have a nice rear end you may just want the padded panties with hips alone.  While they are not as popular, they are still made which makes it great for those who just need the hips and not the rump.

There are usually two types of padding associated with padded panties in general.  These two types of padding are silicone and foam.  Depending on what type of undies you choose they may come with one type of padding over the other, they may give you a choice, or some even come with both!

As mentioned above there are also inserts one can get, you pair these inserts with any type of panties you have with pockets for hips or butt.  They also come in silicone and foam material and depending on what you are comfortable with can be worn different ways.  For example, if you have wider hips but still want that extra curve you can wear pads horizontally.  If you have nothing at all in regards to the hip factor, then wear them whichever way looks best.

Padded panties with hips also come in different cuts which were briefly mentioned.  They do have boy shorts, briefs, even underwear with tummy control!  Many women suffer from the “all gut no butt” syndrome or in this case no hips.  If you are one of those women then not to worry, you can now control your gut and get the curves you always dreamed of.

So if you have be envious of all those women out there with the right curves (who knows if they are even real)  then you can now have the rump and hips you have always wanted.  Simply pick up your own pair of padded panties with hips and start filling out all those clothes and feel great!

Plus Size Padded Panties

Click here for the best plus size padded panties

Many think it is odd for people to want plus size padded panties, unfortunately being a plus size person people automatically assume that you have enough in the rear.  This of course is not always true, as everyone is built differently, so is the need for padded panties.

From fake hair to push up bras, if you weren’t born with “it” naturally plus size or not you can buy it.   As mentioned before here the recent news of stars like J-Lo and The Kardashians many women are now obsessed with their different body parts.   Being a plus size person does not change that.  You may be plus size but still may have a flat or shapeless behind. In fact more often than not many plus size people carry their weight not in their behinds but elsewhere.  Thank goodness we are now blessed with plus size padded panties

If you weren’t born with a full backside and round curvy hips – you can now buy plus size padded panties online!  Padded panties are becoming just as popular as push-up bras nowadays and with the catering to plus size woman now being very important the plus size padded panties are now part of the “if you were not born with it”  movement!

Being a plus size person, you may wonder first why I say person, well plus size panties are not just made for women.  There are men out there that wear padded panties, but it is true that the market is predominately female.  Back to the subject, being a plus size person, you want to flaunt and accentuate what you have but also make up for what you do not.  That is where plus size panties come into play.

It is not always easy to find padded panties in plus size that are going to be a good fit and comfortable.  That is why we strongly suggest you buy online.  The plus size padded panties you buy online are custom made and also worn and tailor to plus size individuals.  This is very important when buying any plus size item.

There are many choices in the plus size panties, some include low rise, silicone padded, and molded padded.  Some are high waisted which many well-endowed people prefer because the panty does not just put junk in the trunk but can also serve as a tummy tucker, should you need it.

A final note on padded panties plus size is making sure to get them online.  Padded panties are popular nowadays, but still not quite enough to go with a general store, especially when you are shopping in the plus size arena.  The online stores have been around longer, and specialize many times in quality padded panties.

So if you are a well-endowed individual that is lacking in the rear, simply go to an online store that has padded panties, a specialty store so to speak, and get yourself a pair of quality plus size padded panties!

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